About The Course:

Candle ritual has been an incredibly important part of my Satanic practice. Utilizing candle ritual has helped me get in touch with my desire, build personal power, and create a life full of abundance and magic. In this online course, I share the secrets of my practice and show you how to channel the power of candle ritual to build the life you want.

This Course Includes:

15 in-depth lessons that are comprised of video demonstrations, presentations, and exercises to guide your learning.

A Ritual Workbook that will help you identify your desires, deepen your practice, and achieve your goals.

A Resource Library - A collection of tools, references, and tips to illuminate your journey.

The course is self-directed and can be completed at your own pace. Enrollment gives you Lifetime access to the program.

By the end of the course, you’ll be deeper in your power, creating candles and rituals that support your goals and help you build the life you desire

About Your Instructor

I am a Priestess and Ordained Minister of The Satanic Temple. In 2021, I was awarded The Satanic Temple's Anatole France Literary Award for Contemporary Literature for my best-selling book The Devil's Tome: A Book of Modern Satanic Ritual. I was a founding member of The Satanic Temple Detroit and The National Council (now International Council) of The Satanic Temple and have taught about Satanic ritual around the world. In addition to being a chief architect of The Unveiling, Snaketivity, and other TST Detroit actions and rituals, I organized a number of national events/campaigns, including bringing the Baphomet statue to Arkansas 2018. Since 2017, I've led rituals at The Satanic Temple Salem and have created rituals for Satanists around the globe. My work has been featured in the film Hail Satan? (2019) and CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling: The Satanists Next Door (2015). I create candles, oils, and other ritual products for The Satanic Temple + my own line Serpentīnae. In 2021 I released my Satanic ritual deck, The Devil's Deck.